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. major league baseball has some guidelines for the aides in san jose. we are live where a homeless end calmment is -- encampmentpment is growing. and miss labeled fish here in grocery stores in california, it's all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning
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news. good morning everybody, i am brian flores, let's check in with steve do we have more clouds than yesterday? >> no, yesterday was much colder and we have a few high clouds clipping us in the north and we have a few high 50s low 60s here is sal. traffic continues to look good if you are driving on 880 north and south everything looks good let's go back to the desk. now it appears major league baseball is appearing for guidelines to san jose, claudine wong joins us with
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this very new development, claudine wong? >> reporter: we don't know but at least continue to one now exist since this battle has gone on for years and they are trying to move down to san josement the guidelines done actually make a vote more of a possibility. if they act this these sidelines it is critical. in order for the a's to move a few things have to happen. both a to resince the giants territorial rights to that area. even if it was approved giants could block the project by suing. what could be in these guidelines? it is likely the as have to show a successful formula and
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make money once it is done because a big viability is an issue. remember the judge claimed they would loose critical revenue if they moved to the south bay. and ml dasheen major league baseball force continues to work order -- major league baseball force continues to work hard and a resolution is not coming any time soon but the honor asked them to keep the coliseum here until 2027 and he asked to keep the teen here regardless of what happened. there are new developments
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in the murder case of oscar pistorius. the case started late and the defense is wrapping up arguments for bail. an autopsy indicates she just used a bathroom which explains why she was there and not hiding from oscar pistorius. nike is suspending its contract, they are monitoring the situation but oscar pistorius deserves due process. he is being replaced in an unrelated case. he and two other south africa police officers are accused of firing passengers. charges were initially dropped but are now reunder today --
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reinstated. s.w.a.t. teams were called to a home at jefferson shortly after 11:00 last night. police shut down streets after getting reports of a man hold up inside the house. several neighbors reported hearing gun fire. however police left the scene after concluded nobody was in the camp. neighbors are complaining about agree tent city and janine de la vega has more on the action the city will soon takes. >> reporter: we are headed towards taylor street, dawn see too much but it is near the big feel, the quad lupah field. we don't want to disturb anybody, because they are all sleeping now. but one thing i want to point
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out, you can see a big pile here and that is just one of the worries of the city staff now the city of stand hose has been strugglen -- city of san jose has been struggling to clean up but they have cost about $20,000 a day and the homeless just keep moving back to the same place or another location along the creek beds. this is so much of a concern for city officials that they want to take action and this encampment as unprecedented growth and it needs to be cleaned up the first week of march. they don't want the land to be over taken and they are concerned by public safety and again, there is them house garage, we plan on talking to
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some of the homeless people, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. uc santa cruz police have put together a reward to help catch a rapest. they also announced a program for people to walk together on campus and it is all after a shooting at a bus stop and a rape on campus. they have the sexual assault suspect on the right and the shooter on the left. they have been dealing with a string of calmer are everybody dash-cam upper -- campers. a couple inside said they woke up to find two masked men in
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their bedroom. one was wearing a decorative sword they had taken from home. >> he had me get out of the bed, face the bed and had me put my hands behind my back. >> he was able to tackle one suspect but the second suspect got away. he reportedly toll back what he could. it was just a few miles from the newtown connecticut shooting. he will address the parents of the children who were killed. it will be where the newtown connecticut gunman took places but that's not why the university was chosen as the classroom site. and obama administration is considering overturning
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proposition 8 on gay marriages. they have one week for a friend of the court brief and while the court operates independently, the president's weight carries justices. into in the court of public opinion, the supreme court like anyone listens to public opinion. >> supreme court starts march 6th. and we are less than two months from tax day. you may not want to see the best times to check on your refund. new researchp indicates fish is frequently miss labeled at supermarkets and grocery stores. it was nearly 40% miss labeled
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here and cheaper types of fish were labeled as more expensive fish. the sudden study was don't by -- oceans. traffic is moving well and there are no major problems as you drive through. you can see some of the roadwork has been pulled away and you we are off to a good start with no major problems getting into san francisco. northbound looks good getting up to highway 17. a little bit of low clouds clipping the sierra nevada and we are on the western edge of it and except for a little breeze, tuesday is at the low
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and if you happen to see the golf channel. seriously amazing snow between tucson and phoenix, it was really coming down and that system has come off and that looks like it. in fact, it is a dry forecast and our rain is gone, you might as well take it into the weekend and it will cool us down, there it goes. it might just be an interesting weather maker and for us things are coming down a little bit, 30s and 40s much, much lower with that cloud deck. temperatures are not as cold, it will be mostly sunny, gradual warming, it will be breezy, more out of the northwest as well. a lot of upper 50s and lower 60s, slightly below average on
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the temperatures, boy, i tell you everything said sunny weather. you can expect a foot of snow and they will continue to be hit by winter storm cue. snow dumped on parts of oklahoma shows no signs of stopping and so far the storm is blamed for multiple accidents and at least one death. they are serving as flip-flops and that's winter storm cutting arizona off guard yet. roads were didn't sell ised and people could be in the sunny state. >> that was an interesting looking picture there. yes. new information about a deadly explosion about a kansas
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city restaurant, a surveillance video was released and the reason why firefighters were called before the blast. >> and more illegal stuff going on at a chop shop, stay tuned for more.
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. good morning, highs today upper 50s and 60s with some patchy low clouds. we are getting a new look at that massive explosion that tore through a kansas city restaurant. it happened on tuesday. authorities say somebody hit a gasoline an hour before the blast. we know workers were evacuated before the explosion but some workers stayed behind, one
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worker died in the blast 15 others were injured. the health department is now analyzing the water where a tourist's body was found. her body was found inside a water tank on top of the hotel and that's one of four that provides tap water. the water was initially deemed safe and now there is a no drinking water until the tests are complete. they are trying to figure out if lamb was a victim of a homicide. it shows her in the elevator of the cecil hotel after she was last seen by hotel staff. she is acting strangely, she is stepping in and out of the elevator pressing multiple buttons for floor, she was headed to santa cruz and traveling alone. the search for two men may
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be linked to the killing of three people. they want everybody to take a look at these grainy vetoes of the -- photos of the two men shortly before the attack. they released a picture of the pickup truck the men may have been driving. they want to question them about a fatal shooting earlier this month. investigators have linked the killings to a botched marijuana deal. officers discovered his repair business was really a stolen chop shop and the owner of the shop from bay point now faces several charges after the california highway patrol discovered his illegal business. chp conducts inspections and found parts of a toyota suv.
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consumers should contact them if they ever feel they are being offered stolen car parts. >> they can contact us and say they are concerned and they were not too comfortable and that's enough, we can perform an inspection on that site. >> people who knowingly performed an inspection can be out of the money they paid for it. at least three dozen tax forms need government approval and the most standard forms are used already. however they are asking taxpayers to wait patiently for refunds which should come within three weeks of filing. the best times to file are late in the week. a local high school player is accusing him for hazing. >> they explained there was
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some hazing going on, sexual in nature which was not too clear. >> he claims he was fired at st. vincent high school after reporting some older players were hazing younger players. he said, he was ultimately responsible for souper advising -- supervising the students. it is a story we told you about yesterday, the bay appears out of the running for 2024 olympics. san jose is gauging their interest in the games but mayor chuck reid says they can't afford the $10 million to even put in a bid. mayor ed lee is focused on the america's cup and competing for the super bowl.
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the human society is offering a reward for a raccoon found shot over the weekend. it was found in south san francisco, an x-rays showed lead pallets in its brain and hips. the human society had to euthanize the animal because of its injuries. since december several animals had been shot in that region including a falcon. there is concern about a nonnative fish turning up in lake tahoe. they found giant gold fish in the lake and it's believed to be from people dumping fish into the tanks and they say gold fish stimulate algae growth which can affect lake tahoe's clarity. >> you are looking at south san
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francisco right now? >> yes we are and we will show it to you, still not a lot of fog but steve says there could be some more fog and it is just an observation and we will get steve's take on it in a moment. i don't see any fog and i am using all of the cameras available but that could change as the sunrise gets closer. you can see the sunrise and construction trucks are backing up and they are probably doing the beep, beep things but lanes are open. and as lanes get to highway 17, that is a pretty good drive, let's go to steve. >> was that you or the truck, sal? >> that was me. we have a few lows, 30s and 40s and you can see the system is clipping sierra nevada and they had some wild weather yesterday. we have some patchy low clouds and there goes our power house
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system and that may be the last rain for us for a while. next week is looking warm. 30s and 40s are definitely holding this up and this time yesterday, in the sierra nevada crowd did i -- cloudy skies for us a little breezy out of the northwest and temperatures are slightly below average, between 60 and 65 and we were a good 10 degrees below average. not much change through friday and saturday and with your weekend always in view it will carry right into monday. 4:51 before you sit down, check to make sure the serial you -- cereal you pour is not
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contaminated with glass. and may bay area teens, more on the dangerous side effects, -- side effects, we will explain.
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. kellogg's is recalling their cereal. 36,000 boxes could contain glass. no reported injuries so far but
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anybody with those boxes should take it back to the store for a replacement. a new form of the drug ecstasy is gaining popularity and it is called molly and it is glorified by music. >> molly is a nickname which is known for giving users the feeling of euphoria. they say more teens, even middle schoolers are at the outpatient stern say they have experimented with molly in the last few months. >> we are concerned it's going to move towards that again because it is so popular and there is not many studied out there with it. >> the fact that it costs $25 a
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pill, side effects include confusion, depression, sleep problems, drug cravings and anxiety. preparations are underway for the biggest night of the year, the academy awards. they started to lay out the iconic red carpet and this is no small job either. it is 40,000 square feet and it takes 600,000 man hours to install and the academy awards starts and that's quite the undertaking also. >> definitely everybody is talking about it. >> 4:55 is the time, sal, how is traffic doing? >> it is doing well, as a matter of fact i would give it an, a minus. 880 north and southbound traffic continues to look good as you drive through the coliseum, no major problems, san mateo bridge also looks good headed out to the high- rise and no major problems
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there. if you are driving in the south bay 101 looks good, yesterday 101 was a miss, if you -- a mess and if you want to get out there, go to the sunny veil area. a little system moving into the pacific northwest kicking up that breeze once in a while nothing too outrage, a power house low moved into new mexico and that will be a big weather maker. sierra nevada could get some isolated showers, upper 30s and 40s due to moisture and patchy low clouds in the area, that is a little bit added into the morning lows, mostly sunny partly cloudy at times, breezy out of the west, and a combination of clouds which are there and were not there yesterday. low 50s and 60s and temperatures are staying the
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same friday into saturday and we have a rebound sunday and monday. two controversial proposals two supervisors will debate today. also plea searchers are saying there -- rye searchers are saying -- researchers are saying there is something fishy about the labels on food, we will explain. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ]
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